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Donnell Preskey Farewell


It's a bittersweet day for us.

This is Donnell Preskey's last day of work here at KX.

We're happy she's moving on--but it's tough for us to let her go.

She started in 1996 as a weekend reporter...and has since become quite arguably one of the best reporters in the state...

Here's a look back at her years at KX -- her years of dedication to journalism -- and her years of service to you.

It's not easy to sum up Donnell Preskey's nearly 18-year career...


She started reporting before even graduating from college...

In 98 she became the weekend anchor...

Sometimes what goes on behind the scenes make the greatest stories.

Donnell Preskey/ Last Day at KXMB: "In 1997 I came here one day and it started to rain then it was snow, and then a blizzard (laughs) and then we were stuck here overnight and I Know people joke about it but I don't know how many people have spent the night here./We were trapped we opened up the back newsroom door and the snow drift completely over the door and vehicle were completely covered and that the storm, that was the storm that led to the Flood of 97."

During the Flood of 2011 -- Donnell was one of the first to see the devastation.

Donnell Preskey/ Last Day at KXMB: "I was in a helicopter and saw a house go in the was heartbreaking but we we're probably the first people to know that that had happened. We went up to the Dam and it was ok we cam back and it wasn't -- it was in the water."

She's taken us on some wild rides, joining our greatest generation on an honor flight.

She flew in an F-16 with some of our nations first and greatest protectors..

(mats happy hooligans)

This job has been a love of Donnell's from Day one, but not always the easiest.

Donnell Preskey/ Last Day at KXMB: "Stories of soldiers that were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, just because you make that call it's probably one of the hardest calls of your life to a family when you say I heard you lost your done. I'd really like to know who he was./I have formed some really awesome relationships with a lot of these parents and still see them today. I know how they think about me and I think the world of them."

From the first soldiers death, to our soldiers' funerals, to the years of deployments and many returns.

Donnell Preskey/ Last Day at KXMB: "Their first trips back on U.S. Soil those stories of the welcoming home -- they don't get old/ the hugs that families give each other for the first time."

Donnell Preskey is the face of our legislative coverage.

She's covered countless legislative sessions and has watched the state of the state change...

Donnell Preskey/ Last Day at KXMB: "I pulled old stories from Schaefer's state of the state and budget address and Hoeven's and the stories were so different from what we are experiencing today/ I reported on the out migration and here we are population record numbers/it's been incredible to see that journey."

She has devoted her life to "Hard news" it's what Donnell does best.

She believes in holding people accountable, whether that being those who make our laws, or those who break our laws.

Her "On The Run" segment has brought 70 wanted criminals to justice.

She was honored for her work by the Burleigh County Sheriff's department for helping to nab them.

Donnell Preskey/ Last Day at KXMB: " They would threaten people if you don't turn your self in -- Donnell will put you "on the Run" --one said.

It's stories like that that make you feel rewarded."

Her list of achievements is great.

Her year's spent doing the job she loves have helped shaped a state. Laws changed when she brought to light

the problem of synthetic drug abuse, she raised awareness of sex offenders living our communities.

She's made our streets safer.

And, we can't image a newsroom without her.

Donnell Preskey/ Last Day at KXMB: "The reason why I've loved this job is because it affect everybody in my home, my home of North Dakota."

"Thanks for watching -- Good by"

Donnell has taken a job for the North Dakota Association of Counties.

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