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Inside the Academy: Taser Training

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We join a class of 16 recruits at the North Dakota Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Their training is extensive and includes some serious pain.

It takes some pain to gain the status of highway patrol trooper.

One thing the recruits have to go through is learning how to safely operate a tase gun.

That means knowing first-hand what it feels like to be on the other end of the tase.

Before entering the Highway Patrol, recruits have to learn how to safely operate firearms, including a taser.

"It's a little frightening, a little exciting." says Cody Nuenthel, Recruit.

The taser is used to incapacitate the target, but it's not something recruits are taught to take lightly.

"Lot of times when you pull it out, you tell them if they do not comply you will tase them, a lot of times they comply." says an instructor.

This is Cody Nuenthel's first time firing a taser.

After practicing multiple verbal warnings, he is instructed to shoot.

"It's kind of frightening at first, because just like firing a weapon it's a very loud pop, you're not sure how exactly it's going to go down, so like on the last one I kind of missed a little bit, so you have to change your tactics, so you've got to be on your feet." says Cody Nuenthel, Recruit.

The goal is to get the target on the ground and in handcuffs within five seconds of firing the weapon.

But to fully understand what the taser can do, each recruit has to experience it, on the receiving end.

"A little anxious but you've got to do it... everybody gets tased, everybody gets maced." says Nuenthel.

"It felt, it's hard to explain but it kind of feels kind of like a two by four, you're not able to move." says Zachary Schwartz, Recruit.

This is actually Schwartz's third time experiencing it.

For others, it's their very first time knowing this kind of pain.

"It hurt really bad... It's like not able to move, it's painful." says Eric Rumple, Recruit.

Eric Rumple says it actually hurt more than he anticipated.

"I learned that 50,000 volts is a lot." says Rumple.

A lesson these recruits hopefully won't forget once out on patrol.

"For us to actually go through, and experience the taser we're able to take that knowledge and apply it to your everyday duties and tasks that we have to do."

"You know what you're doing to other people so if you know what you're doing to other people you can make a much better educated decision on how to approach a situation, like if you want to cause this quantity of pain on somebody, you'll understand what you're going to do- it helps you to decide." says Cody.

"Taser, taser, taser!"

Some recruits in this class with previous law enforcement experience will graduate as early as March.

The rest are set to graduate and join the Patrol in June.

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