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Ranchers Working to Improve Bottom Lines


Hundreds of ranchers meet in Bismarck to learn how to improve their operations.

Burke Teichert consults ranchers across the United States.
Today's he's sharing his cost-effective tips with local ranchers.
Burke says ranchers need to have a holistic operation that works to improve the land, livestock, people, and wildlife involved, work to improve their marketing, as well as wage a war on input costs.

(Burke Teichert / Consults Ranchers) "It's hard for ranchers to become cost effective to truly understand the relationship between input and output relationships, I call it tying dollars and cents to inputs and outputs. It's difficult to do. And we struggle with too many overheads and it's hard to reduce overheads."

Some South Dakota ranchers made the trip to share the practices they are using to improve soil and their bottom lines--such a working with nature and grazing year round.

(Curt Knight / Central SD Rancher) "I think the number one thing is cattle efficiency. You can store grass and hay for winter use, but if you don't have efficient cattle. You can't fully utilize it and it cuts down on the number of days that you can get to utilize your stored grasses. I would guess it's approaching 20% if you get high, quality efficient cattle."
(Phil / NW South Dakota Rancher) "We've already doubled the stocking rate and anticipate doing that again the future here. We are seeing a huge comeback of tall warm season grass plants, waist high, chest high. It's pretty amazing when we work with nature instead of trying to fight it."

Tiechert writes a monthly column on improving efficiency for BEEF Magazine.


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