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Jack Abfalter has overcome adversity for the Patriots

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Bismarck, ND -

    The last year hasn't been easy for Century senior Jack Abfalter.
    He and his dad have dealt with a lot.
    Jon Schaeffer has more on the battle Abfalter has handled off the ice.

"Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: February 17th, 2013-- The day after Century took home the West Region Championship.

Jack Abfalter-Century senior: "We were actually just kind of Celebrating the West Region championship. We were out at a friends house and I got a call from my step mom."

Curt Abfalter-Jack's Dad: "Playing hockey that night and my heart went into arithmia they called it non-eschemic cardio-miopathy which is a fancy word for sudden cardiac death."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Curt's friends on his men's hockey team and the EMT'S were unable to fully resuscitate him--but managed to get a pulse.

Curt Abfalter-Jack's Dad: "For about 48 hours it was kind of a rough situation. I put them through a really tough time for a few days and all of this as Jack was trying to get ready for state tournament that weekend."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: For Jack-- the ice became his sanctuary-- where he was able to take his mind off of the situation-- and focus on one thing-- hockey.

Jack Abfalter-Century senior: "We spent all the nights in the hospital I slept there and I was able to go to practice and just kind of get things off my mind. It was nice to just go there and let loose I don't do something else other than just sit in the hospital."

Troy Olson-Century Head Coach: " we kind of told him that maybe the rink can be your get away from that situation."

Jack Abfalter-Century senior: "We are a family. The team was by my side the entire time."

Curt Abfalter-Jack's Dad: "It was an enormous amount of support from the coaches to all of the parents to the kids themselves. It really made us feel pretty good about it.

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Curt pulled through--  and Jack was able to talk with his dad before the team left for the state tournament.
Century would go on to finish third place at the State tournament-- the best finish in school history.
Just two months later -- his life changed again --Jack was pole vaulting for the Century Patriots.
He was considered one of the best vaulters in the state.

Curt Abfalter-Jack's Dad: "He just went up and didn't make it in the pit... came back down he tried to step out of there and we could hear it snap-- his leg.."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: His track season was finished.

Curt Abfalter-Jack's Dad: "The one thing that he realized, that we both realized in pretty short order was that there's a lot worse things that could happen."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Jack's focus turned to rehab and getting ready for this year's hockey season. Jack still struggles with the injury every time he takes the ice.

Jack Abfalter-Century senior: "There's definitely a lot of times where I get pain, I still don't have feeling in a lot of my foot, but I've just kind of gotten used to the pain and just gotten through it.

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: This season Jack has played in over 11 games-- and sits with a 1.68 goals against average....
Century is one of the top contenders in the state this year and Jack is a big part of the teams success...
Curt plans on being there this time around-- cheering on his son from the stands.  

Jack Abfalter-Century senior: "I'm definitely thankful for it I mean considering what happened last spring. I didn't even know if he would ever, if he would make it so I'm definitely thankful for every single time he's up in the stands."

Curt Abfalter-Jack's Dad: "I'm proud you know that he worked hard and has made a come back from it. Life is full of ups and downs and often times you don't realize what it was until you come back. "

In Bismarck-- For KX sports Jon Schaeffer."

    Tomorrow night the Century Patriots and Bismarck High Demons face off in boys hockey.
    You can watch it LIVE on the KX Weather channel at 7:15.
    Century won 3-2 in overtime in the beginning of January, again the game will be Live on KX 12-3 or 591.

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