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BHS Students Put to Cold Weather Test by KX Meteorologist


With all the cold weather we've been having.

Jared Piepenburg wants to test BHS for cold weather themed fun in the chemistry lab.

(Scott Weigum/BHS Chemistry Teacher)"We're going to actually try and demonstrate the idea on how ice melt works. So what we have here is a thermometer and some ice water and what I'll do now is add some of the ice melt. The water is going to want to freeze, but the salt in the water is going to say 'nah we're not going to let you make an ice crystal today.' And the water is going to say 'well if I can't make an ice crystal...I'm gonna get really really, really cold."

This is why you'll see wet roads around town even when temperatures are in the 20's and even some teens!

While the ice melt was ... melting ice - we moved onto another experiment involving two materials making a chilly reaction.

(Scott Weigum)"It's an endothermic reaction - heat is being absorbed from the surroundings to actually make this reaction work so as a result we'd call this a cold reaction."

The two solids, when mixed together, start to drop in temperature very quickly and the container becomes cold to the touch.

(Scott Weigum)"I put some water onto this board and now you'll see that the board has frozen right to the little flask."

The next experiment didn't have a lot to do with temperature, but the result was very much with the winter theme.

It is referred to as 'instant snow'.

(Scott Weigum)"What these really are - are micro sponges."

A similar material found in diapers - although our result after adding water was a little more fun than having to change one.

(Scott Weigum)"And as the water hits the sponges, the sponges will start to absorb it making snow."

And last, but not least - we couldn't resist throwing boiling water out of a second story building.

With KX Weather - I'm Jared Piepenburg.

Neighboring teachers walked in after throwing the water out the window asking what that white cloud was that blew by.

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