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Businesses Help on Special Day

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An important part of the success of Giving Hearts Day is the participation of local businesses.

Several businesses devoted part of the day to making donations - and encouraging employees to do the same.

Melinda Bolton checked in at a couple of local businesses that were helping the online giving day succeed.

(Melinda Bolton, Reporter) "Mattson Construction Company has been involved in Giving Hearts Day for the last two years. Estimator, Jerome Gruenberg says they relate to this mission."

(Jerome Gruenberg, Mattson Construction, Estimator) "They're really into public service and really into helping people in need. And of course Mattson Construction is a family oriented business and so it kind of fits right in with what we do."

(Melinda Bolton, Reporter) "Gruenberg encourages anyone to get involved, no matter how small the donation."

(Jerome Gruenberg, Mattson Construction, Estimator) "We would encourage anybody... even if it's just a few dollars. And the Caring Hearts people even say that, even if its just a few dollars, it's greatly appreciated."

(Melinda Bolton, Reporter) "First year contributor Dan Pfau was excited when he was approached by Giving Hearts. He says it has raised awareness with his customers."

(Dan Pfau, Owner of Broadway Bean & Bagel Co.) "The signs went up about a week beforehand and everybody was asking about it, wondering what could happen and what they could do to be part of it."

(Melinda Bolton, Reporter) "Pfau, who owns Broadway Bean and Bagel, came up with some sweet treats to compliment the fund raiser. His biggest seller is the Red Velvet Cake Latte."

(Dan Pfau, Owner of Broadway Bean & Bagel Co.) "We put together a special latte just for them. We have our red velvet cake latte. And for every latte we sell we donate 75 cents to the Giving Hearts Foundation."

(Melinda Bolton, Reporter) "Whether its through coffee or construction, both companies acknowledge the importance of local support for local non-profits."

(Dan Pfau, Owner of Broadway Bean & Bagel Co.) "I think its wonderful that they went and looked for local small town businesses to help support something that's helping the local community, cause that's what we're all here for."

(Melinda Bolton, Reporter) "In Minot, Melinda Bolton KX News."

Again - here is the website where you can make a donation to your preferred local charity for Giving Hearts Day.

Just go to and follow the prompts to be a part of the event.

Last year, 17-thousand people gave gifts totaling 3.68-million dollars to 179 charities across North Dakota and Western Minnesota.

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