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8th grade student Britta Curl dominates varsity girls hockey

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Bismarck, ND -

    It's not too often you find an 8th grader on a varsity roster in Class A sports.
    And it's even more rare when that athlete is among the top players in the state.
    The Bismarck Blizzard just completed a perfect regular season-- with some help from the best junior high girl's hockey player in North Dakota.

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Before 8th Grader Britta Curl even stepped on the ice for the Blizzard-- Head Coach Annie Cashman knew she could be a game changer.

ANNIE CASHMAN-Blizzard Head Coach:  "We've known about Britta coming up through the boys program from the past couple of years."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Curl made the move from Pee-Wee Boy's hockey last year to girls varsity hockey this season-- and it's been a flawless transition.

BRITTA CURL-BLIZZARD FORWARD: "It's a lot tougher being younger but I've enjoyed it. It's been a great experience. It's a lot tougher than I was expecting but it's going to make me better in the end."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Not only is she skating against girls 4 years older than her-- she has a nose for the back of the net.
She scored 29 goals in the regular season-- 2nd best in the state-- she's 3rd overall in points with 51-- just 6 points back of the state leader.

ANNIE CASHMAN-Blizzard Head Coach: "She's had a phenomenal season."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: But she's not shooting for the personal goals-- this 8th grader is already feeding off of the team mentality that has made this Blizzard team so successful in the last two seasons.

BRITTA CURL-Blizzard Forward:  "I try not to think about points a lot, Obviously you try to do your best for your team, do it for yourself, do it for your team and I'm just trying to keep my head off the points."

ANNIE CASHMAN-Blizzard Head Coach:  "I will say a lot of her success is because our team is so close and the girl's are so close. You know this is the first 8th grader the Blizzard have had since Maddie Gendreau and she's done a really good job of just being part of the team."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: Curl has strong chemistry with her line mates-- Jessie Binstock and Annie Dickson
Both of them are tied for 5th in the state in points-- making for one dangerous line when the 3 of them take the ice.

ANNIE CASHMAN-Blizzard Head Coach: "It's never oh the 8th grader Britta Curl-- they're the red line-- and we just consider them all part of the red line and age doesn't really matter."

BRITTA CURL-Blizzard Forward: "Our line, we just have great chemistry. We're great friends. We see each other across the ice, find each other and we make big plays in big moments."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: And the biggest moments are still yet to come.
hopefully helping the Blizzard win their second straight State Title is the most important thing on this 8th grader's mind.

BRITTA CURL-Blizzard Forward: "I remember watching it on TV and you really look up to those girls and you see their excitement and you just want to do the same for them."

Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports: She'll get pressure every time she touches the ice at state-- but she'll do as she's done all season long-- battle through it--
Reporting in Bismarck-- Jon Schaeffer.

    Britta Curl and the Blizzard are the top seed heading into state-- they'll face Mandan in the opening round.
    She isn't the only hockey player in her family at this weekend's Hockey state Tournament.
    Her older brother Byrne Curl skates for Century-- they play West Fargo in the first round.
    You can catch boys quarterfinal action on the KX Weather channel Thursday throughout western North Dakota.
    Then on ABC's KBMY Friday and Saturday.

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