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Inside the Academy: Training for Traffic Stops

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Before you get pulled over for speeding, patrol troopers go through their own crash course on what to expect out on the road.

It's a situation, most drivers never want to be in, but you should know that a lot of training goes into how you get pulled over.

"We teach traffic stops at the Academy and it's basically the bread and butter of what the highway patrol does on a daily basis." says Sgt. Kevin Huston, Minot Region.

Jon Eide has experience working for the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department.

He got into the Academy for a chance to join the Highway Patrol and eventually work out west.

"Your focus on speed is going to be on a more heavily traveled interstate or highway, especially with all of us going out to the western part of the state." says Jon Eide, Recruit.

To deal with safety concerns in heavy truck traffic areas, Academy instructors now teach recruits to approach drivers on the passenger side.

"We never did passenger side approaches, with today's traffic on the highways, the way it is, we emphasize passenger side approaches." says Huston.

"It's safety for the officer and obviously the potential violator as well." says Eide.

Eide is on the fast track to graduation because he has previous law enforcement experience.

He hopes to soon be making a difference patrolling out west, and cracking down on drunk driving, something very important to him.

"It's looked at as not as big of a deal, and what people don't realize is being that impaired driver on the road you're putting not only yourself in danger but other people in danger as well with that impairment, it's just something that can be easily avoided." says Eide.

We have been following a class of around 16 recruits who are currently going through the Academy.

The batch of recruits with previous law enforcement experience will graduate in March.

The rest of the class is set to graduate in June.

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