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Triplets Born near Linton


Thousands of calves are being born across North Dakota.
But only 1 in every 100-thousand cows will have 3 at one time.
Ag Reporter Sarah Gustin takes you southwest of Linton where one cow had more babies than she bargained for.

(Sarah Gustin / "The calves are adding up fast here at the Bichler ranch south of Linton. Of the roughly 70 calves that have been born, there have been 2 sets of twins. And one set of 3."
(Doug Bichler / Rancher) "Never seen triplets in my life." 
This is a first for Doug Bichler.
At just a week old these babes are ready to run.
Bichler says the mother who gave birth to these three looked the part.
"She was huge. She had trouble walking a month ago even. I brought her in so she wouldn't have to walk so far to get water and feed. I've never seen a cow that big before." 
Two of these babies popped up on the ultrasound this summer.
But Bichler says he was suspicious there might just be one more coming.
Obviously I was surprised for three. I was kinda suspecting it. I even joked with some friends about her having triplets. She's having twins, but I want to go check her because she is big enough to be having three, but I was surprised that she had three in her."
Bichler wasn't expecting these three to be this BIG or this HEALHTY.
"They are bigger than both sets of twins that I have had." 
These calves tipped the scale with a combined total birth weight of more than 210 pounds.
And mom's already got a favorite.
"The red bull is her favorite calf. She could find the other two but she will search for the red one until she finds it." 
What's the plan for these two boys and girl?
"They are all going to stay here. One of the bull calves already has a new mother. Three calves is just too many for her to handle. I did have a cow that lost her calf so she got a new baby and she was pretty happy with him and they are all doing really good."
Doing so good, they'll soon make the move from the barn to the outside to live with the rest of the herd.

As we said earlier, Triplet calves only happen once in every 100,000 births. 
Even then, there's only a 1 in 4 chance that all three calves will be born alive.


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