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Canine Massage Therapy in Bismarck/Mandan


You aren't the only one who enjoys a deep tissue massage.
Some canines are loving up the same golden treatment.

(Claudia Jahraus / Canine Therapeutic MassageTherapist)"This is the first part of the massage..with massage you literally start with the nose and it goes down to the tail."
For the past two least twice a month.
Claudia works her magic hands on Angel.
(Claudia Jahraus / Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist) "They like the ears. There are a lot of acupuncture points on the ears."
Claudia is a certified Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist.
She travels the Bismarck/Mandan area doing home visits for pets.
(Claudia Jahraus / Canine Therapeutic MassageTherapist) "The dogs are more comfortable in their own environment so as you can see Angel here is quite comfortable and I don't want to ruin the effects of the massage and she doesn't have to get down right away."
It's easy to see this puppy enjoys every minute of her rub down.
Just watch how relaxed Angel gets.
(Claudia Jahraus / Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist) "Every time I start a stroke I finish it . By starting at the top of the limb and going down, and working the foot, it's completing it. And there she goes."
(Nancy Gerhardt / Uses Dog Massage) "I could tell it within two weeks, that she was moving better. She was moving further, now she can walk a full mile with me. And she couldn't walk the length of this house when I got her. She couldn't stand up." 
Claudia massages active dogs, old dogs, even puppies.
(Claudia Jahraus / Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist) "It's really beneficial for all stages of their lives. Like Puppies when they grow they have growing pains and massage helps them with that because it helps their circulation as they grow and it teaches them patience because they have to sit here."
Large or small she massages them all.
(Claudia Jahraus / Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist) "It ends with the same stroke...and she knows it's over."

Claudia also makes homemade dog treats that are all natural, which each dog gets at the end of the massage.
If you are interested in learning more about Dakota Canine Massage and Treats log onto dakota canine massage dot com or you can email Claudia or call her at 425-6489.


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