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Minot High's #1 Fan

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When the super "A" boys and girls basketball tournament tips off tomorrow it will mark the first time the Super "A" has been held in the Magic City and one Minot High fan is more than happy to see the tournament back in town. Derek Hackett has more.

Derek Hackett, Reporting:Once again Minot High is back in the class "A" state basketball tournament. Regardless of how deep their bench is year in and year out the MVP of the Magicians is not on the court, he's on the sideline.

Michelle Bliven, Aaron's Mom:Aaron is quite a sports fan, he loves any, any sport. I know he'd love to be out with the players so.

Hackett:From football to basketball, hockey to baseball, Aaron rarely misses a game. You could say he's the Magi's biggest fan.

Bliven:I think I would say that, yes right Aaron. Are you the biggest cheerleader, tell them, huh. Tell them how you cheer. Give them a yoo-hoo. There you go that's what I'm talking about.

Hackett:His presence is always welcome even beyond the cheering section.

Bliven:Aaron will go in the locker room, the other room where the locker room is and he'll be waiting to give every single one of them high fives and the guys are comfortable with him and everybody knows him so.

Kolton Larson, Senior:You can't even describe how great of a guy he is and just, I mean you see him in church and you see him in the community and you see him at all of our games. He's such a great supporter of everything we do and he's out on the shield with us on the sidelines and in baseball he's our number one fan.

Dean Winczewski, Magicians Basketball Coach:Huge Minot High fan since I've been here it started with Jared Hoffman and now it's Kolton and to see somebody who attaches themselves to our program like that to me is a credit to us but also great for a young man like that because he is part of our program.

Hackett:However Minot High finishes the season, the highest award goes to Aaron as the most valuable person. In Minot, Derek Hackett reporting.

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