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St. Patrick's Day Celebrated

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March 17th is a day full of shamrocks, leprechauns, and usually someone's green t-shirt asking to kiss you because their Irish.

Minot's Ebeneezer's Pub opened at noon-- fully decorated and ready to serve up some St. Patrick's Day cheer.

Bonnie Campo has more.

If St. Patrick was alive today, he might be surprised at the way Americans choose to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. For example, corn beef and cabbage isn't a traditional Irish dish, but at Ebeneezer's Irish Pub in downtown Minot they're selling a lot of it.

(Amber Barthel, Server) "It's absolutely outrageous. People come and they enjoy. They have a couple of drinks. I mean the food is phenomenal, also the staff, it's just a great time. I couldn't ask for any other place, especially today being St. Patty's Day. "

St. Patrick was actually not born in Ireland. Instead researchers think he is from Whales, Scotland or England. Maybe that's why even those coming from overseas are joining the party.

(Christi Flynn and Kendra Batdorf, Patrons) "I came from Italy. We are stationed overseas, and I actually googled Irish pubs before I even came to Minot. It was a criteria. We both made sure we had the day off so we could celebrate our Irish roots. My Irish roots. Yeah, her Irish roots we are really just celebrating that. I was hoping they would be making some corn beef and cabbage because no body else in town really is."

The most mind-blowing fact might be that St. Patricks official color was blue-- not green, but that doesn't stop anyone from celebrating their own traditions.

(Christi Flynn and Kendra Batdorf, Patrons) "Any reason to have a drink I guess. That's the American way right."

(Amber Barthel, Server) "Everybody's got a little Irish in em', and you can pretend to be Irish for one day, especially here. You come here and everybody's like family."

We were greeted by another friendly face on our way out the door. Too bad he's not an Irish Setter. In Minot- Bonnie Campo-- KX News.

Ebeneezer's started celebrating this weekend-- today they opened at noon, and will keep their party going until 1 a.m.

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