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Municipal Ballpark renovation not ready for spring

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Bismarck, ND -

    Municipal Ballpark isn't done being renovated-- and with the High School Baseball season kicking off on Friday-- It will force teams to play away from their home diamond.
    Jon Schaeffer has more.

At Municipal Ballpark The crack of the wood bat is being replaced by the sound of hammering-- and moving dirt this spring.

(Randy Bina) "They are working on things that are very visible so you're starting to see a lot of changes at the baseball park."

The goal was to have the ball park finished by the spring season but with it falling behind schedule-- Parks and Rec had to make a decision and let Bismarck High-- St. Mary's and Century know that the field would not be ready.

(RANDY BINA) There is a number of things that came into play but we had a difficult winter to get construction stuff done. Very cold it delayed a lot of things but we're looking at the end result the big picture and the baseball park will be a great improvement to our community so we're excited about that."

Demon's head Coach Jim Patton says they found out the third week of February-- Creating some scheduling chaos.
Along with varsity games-- numerous JV games had to be rescheduled making it a team effort between the three Bismarck Schools.

(JIM PATTON)"We've scheduled you know together for 10-12 years so we know each other's tendencies and we know which fields are available and everyone is really really open to I'll move this game here if you want to play this game here, let's double up on this day."

(KENT SCHWEIGERT) "We had to work pretty hard with all of the teams in town and we found places to play but it was a job."

Now the other diamonds around Bismarck such as Haaland field will be busy impacting other fields around the Capital City.

(KENT SCHWEIGERT) We were able to put some of our games at Shiloh, but when we play out at Haaland there are no lights so you know we'll always get our first game in but you just never know that second game sometimes we probably won't get the whole five innings in and so on especially earlier in the year."

(JIM PATTON) "You're going to get the 7 inning conference game in for sure. It'll be close a lot of times but you know you do what you can."

They expect Municipal to be playable by June 1st.
So this year the High School Baseball season will go on-- just without the familiar backdrop of Downtown Bismarck.
For KX Sports Jon Schaeffer

    Both coaches say they are excited for what the new Municipal ballpark will bring to baseball fans and players in the city.
    Bismarck Parks and Rec has taken the old bleachers and put them at Haaland to allow for more seating.

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