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Yon and Strand join Bobcats for playoff run

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Bismarck, ND -

    Before the season had even started-- the Bobcats had their eyes set on two talented players out of Roseau, Minnesota.
    Zach Yon and Alex Strand played their senior season with Roseau-- and as soon as it was over-- packed their bags for North Dakota's capital city.
    Jon Schaeffer has more.

For Layne Sedevie and the Bobcats-- anytime they bring in a new player straight from high school-- there's always a question of how quickly they can adapt.

"It's not always the easiest transition you never know how a kid is going to go through that process."

Alex Yon had 69 points for one of Minnesota's best hockey teams, the Roseau Rams--he was a Mr. Hockey finalist-- and is committed to play for UND.

"He's a gifted hockey player. There's no way around it. I think he shoots the puck better than anybody I've seen. He's got an NHL shot"
Ram's teammate Alex Strand was right behind him with 68 points...

"He's responsible in the D zone, he's a good centerman and he's a smart hockey player too he can make plays"

They finished 1st and 2nd for the Rams in goals, assists and overall points.
But now they are having to adjust to a completely different pace of hockey here in the NAHL.

"Lot more physical, a lot less time with the puck. faster speed out here.

"This is definitely a lot quicker pace, and much more physical just even like the lifestyle you know."

The challenges that come with a higher level of hockey as well as a a move away from home have been minimized by going through it together.

"It's a lot easier for me to come here with a buddy. Staying in the same house and everything so it's a lot nicer to do this with a friend down here so you're not alone."

"They kind of just welcomed us in coming in toward the end of the season there, but they're really welcoming and it's really nice to be part of this group."

In six games Strand and Yon have combined for 4 points-- and both are logging solid minutes for the Cats.
They hit the ice to help the Bobcats with that extra post season punch.

"I will be trying to shoot the puck more just create chances whether it's not shooting off the pad getting rebounds or what not."

"I just move the puck go to the net try to get a couple gritty goals."

"They have the depth, they're smart hockey players and we look for them to be big pieces in the playoffs."

For KX Sports-- I'm Jon Schaeffer.

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