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Rescue Teams May Soon Make Dives to Locate Stolen Truck

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Dive and rescue teams are getting closer to locating a truck that was reported stolen... and for some reason, steered into the Missouri River.

A truck that for some reason took a turn into the Missouri river has been parked at the bottom for more than two months.

"We had a good idea where it was, the night it happened... where the tracks were..." says Kelly Leben, Dive and Rescue Team.

The incident happened in late January.

After determining there were no humans believed in the truck, the ice rescue team decided not to risk their own safety and dive into the ice-covered river.

"We were pretty confident it was just dumped in and nobody was in the vehicle." says Leben.

Now that much of the ice has thawed, the search team is back on the case.

"Now we're at the point where once we locate it for sure, we can start putting divers in to recover it." says Leben.

The dive and rescue team is using sonar technology to pinpoint exactly where the truck is before sending divers in to the strong river current.

"You're able to get a side view of what's under the water, so right now everybody's wanting to see this truck, see if they can find it, see what it looks like underwater." says Leben.

"We've got a couple locations and now what we're going to try and do is use underwater metal detecting equipment just to see if we can get a response on that, that it's not something else under there and possibly could be the truck." says Leben.

Safety is not much of a concern right now.

In fact, they are going to use this as dive training later this month.

"Normally when they train, they're not looking for anything a lot of times, they're just getting dive time in under the water in the river, this gives them the excitement that they are looking for something." says Leben.

"It'll be a good opportunity to train, do a public service, but at the same time recover a stolen vehicle."

The dive and rescue team will use the truck as part of their dive training.

Once the truck's exact location is confirmed, and with the help of a towing company, the dive team may end up pulling out the truck in the next few weeks.

According to Bismarck police, the stolen truck case is still under investigation.

Any evidence that is found with the truck will be turned into police.

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