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Net Farm Incomes


2012 was a banner year for farmers.
Wheat reached 20 dollars a bushel.
Corn more than 7 dollars a bushel.
2013 wasn't as glorious.
Ag Reporter Sarah Gustin explains.

The numbers are in..
After tallying both incomes and expenses there's a consensus from east to west ... farm budgets are going to be tighter going into 2014.
(Andy Swenson / Farm Management Specialist) "Coming from a series of good years, but budgets are getting tighter. but certainly not like what we had in 2012. "
The North Dakota Farm and Ranch Business Management have released the final numbers for 2013.
Net Farm Income in the Red River Valley, averaged close to 62-thousand dollars, a far cry from the 536-thousand dollar average in 2012.
(Sonja Flaagan / ND Farm Business Management Education) "It could have been definitely better. Especially the people that were focused very much on the sugar beets and the corn kinda lost a little bit more money." 
Sonja Flaagan works in the Red River Valley.
She says 2013 was a tough year for Valley Farmers with both the corn and sugarbeet prices taking a beating.
(Sonja Flaagan / ND Farm Business Management Education) "The sugarbeets took quite a bit of a hit this year. We have a lot of producers coming in who are concerned and their bankers saying, "should you be in sugar beets?" 
Lynsey Frey covers the western part of the state.
Frey says despite lower prices, yields were high across much of the area...leaving producers with a nice profit.
(Lynsey Frey / ND Farm Business Management Education) "They are usually seeing the drought part of it, this year they had more moistures so crop yields were a lot higher than they normally are. They came in wit ha 46 bushel average for spring wheat this year with a 96 bushel corn yield as well." 
Net Farm Income in the west averaged 110-thousand dollars.
Frey credits today's high cattle prices for the strong return.
(Lynsey Frey / ND Farm Business Management Education) "As far as compared to last year the feed cost was relatively the same. but you were seeing an average of 244 bucks a head for return. I would say it's a pretty profitable year." 
(Andy Swenson / Farm Management Specialist) "Roughly every ten years the rest of the state does better than the valley and this year is very evident.

Net farm income in South Central North Dakota, including the Bismarck-Mandan area, totaled roughly 143-thousand dollars.


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