Crews Give Up on Recovering Submerged Pick-up - - Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson-KXNEWS,ND

Crews Give Up on Recovering Submerged Pick-up

The Burleigh County Dive team spent hours today fishing...for the pick-up truck.

Mike Chaussee and Photojournalist Tom Palanuk have the story...

(nat sound) We're just north of the train bridge...

That's where police say thieves dumped a stolen Chevy Pickup.

They dunked it into the Missouri River about 200 yards upstream from where they think it is now.

Major Kelly Leben is in charge of the operation...

"Maj. Kelly Leben/Burleigh County Dive Team) If all goes as planned we should have the truck out sometime today."

The guys from All-Star Towing brought the big equipment.

"(Mike Gerl/ All Star Towing) We got two trucks down here...we're running a cable out with a pulley and a snatch box, that way it doubles the pull. Should be okay."

There are plenty of things making this project difficult.

The current on the Missouri might be number one.

"(Jeremy Christmann/L&J Motors) He doesn't know for sure though because the current is so strong he can't move all the way around the truck."

It's also murky down there.

The divers can't see a thing.

 (sound from walkie talkie) The visibility down there is zero, you can't even see what you are hooking to.

And one of the divers reports half the truck is buried in silt.

 "He said the truck is on its side just like they thought...okay hold that, I'll find out how they want to hook it."

They plan to hook onto the hitch of the truck. Pull like crazy. And use the river current to help the cause.

 "(Christmann)What they anticipate to happen is the truck is going to roll down river. That should work out in their favor so they can right it and bring it up the boat ramp. It'll be easier to bring it up the boat ramp."

It's a good plan...until the cables give out.

"(Christmann) They got it all rigged up, they started pulling on it and the cable let go. it's hard to determine what size cable you need because of the resistance you're pulling against, the current the water, the silt."

Their day started at 8:30 a.m.

After a second attempt with bigger cables.. it still didn't work.

The dive team called off the operation for the day hours later.

Leben says his team will meet next week to figure out where to go next.

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