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Precautions to Take During Spring Fire Season

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It's that time of the year when the risk for grass fires can spring up.

We already have evidence of that...

An area south of Bismarck is still smoldering-- after a controlled burn got out of control yesterday.

A grass fire also flared up in Dickinson yesterday, before it was extinguished.

Dry grass and that North Dakota wind makes playing with fire even more dangerous.

If you're planning on doing a controlled burn, there are a few things to remember.

"You need to use good solid judgement. Look at the forecast, what's it going to be for the next day or two because even small branches will smolder for a couple days or maybe a week. The wind comes up it'll kick those sparks out," says Chief Al Klein, Bismarck Rural Fire Dept.

Which is exactly what added fuel to the fire recently in South Bismarck.

A man was trying to do a controlled burn and the wind caught the embers.

The grass fire that occurred on Sunday burned over 12 acres according to the rural fire department and the gentleman at the property behind me got a front row seat to the action.

"I was really concerned actually because at the time, the wind was blowing the fire directly towards my place here. I was just about to leave and go into town for Easter actually and I saw it starting to happen and by the time I got a bunch of hoses out here and started spraying down my lawn, the fire was coming down the ditch towards my house pretty fast," says John Wardner.

The rural fire department was able to put out the fire.

No one was injured and no homes or buildings were damaged.

Wardner says they're still dealing with aftermath from the flood and despite the scary situation, a lot burned that needed to burn.

"It wasn't such a bad thing and it's going to be a lot greener down here because of it," says Wardner.

Klein says to contact the county before a controlled burn is started and after it's completed.

The burn also needs to be monitored at all times.

Residents are urged to follow the precautions in the North Dakota Rural Fire Danger Guide and the Fire Danger Index.

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