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Noonan Cleanup Effort


As we reported yesterday, the North Dakota Health Department hired a contractor to remove oil waste from an abandoned building in Noonan.

The cleanup efforts began around noon yesterday and finished around 3:30.

Corina Cappabianca takes a look at the process of cleaning up radioactive materials.

NAT SOUND:- If you need to get a hold of someone's attention, wave and yell. That's the easiest way.

CFC VO: Cleanup crews meet at this abandoned building in northwestern North Dakota-- to clean up the largest illegal dumping of radioactive oil waste-- ever recorded in the state.

Hundreds of oil filter socks were believed to have been dumped in this building back in 2011...

The cleanup crew hired by the state...

Secure Energy Services.. headed into the building where hundreds of oil filter socks were spread out.--

More than they even realized.

Additional socks were discovered in a lower level of the building.

NAT SOUND: If I see something and I tell you to get back that means get back.

The men have to be careful when facing this waste head-on.

Although it's not considered dangerous to the general public as is... It does contain low levels of radiation...

NAT SOUND: Right now the highest thing I found in there is 250 micrograms per hour. That is not a serious radiation source."

The team put on disposable Tyvek suits-- designed to protect them from chemicals along with masks... gloves... and shoe covers...

NAT SOUND: We are in Tyveks so we have to worry about heat exhaustion still.

The waste was eventually put into containers and trucked off to a permanent licensed disposal facility in Idaho.

Corina Cappabianca. KX News.

A lab analysis of soil samples will be done over the next month before a report is finalized.
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