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Growth in Killdeer, ND

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The oil boom has been bringing new neighbors to the people of Killdeer... and some residents are necessarily happy about it.

Corina Cappabianca has this story.

As the oil industry grows surrounding Killdeer...

Locals notice different folks around town ...

 Tess Gaugler, Mountain View Hotel Worker: "Definitely more suburban people that aren't use to flat open areas and not having a whole lot of shopping or anything really. So they're not use to what to do around here."

And litter on the grounds...

 Sarah Reiss, JR's Truckstop Worker: "I live on a dirt road. I see garbage, beer bottles-- you name it, oil cans, everything."

Hotel worker Tess Gaugler was born and raised in Killdeer. She's notices differences in the area overtime... as the oil industry expands...

 Tess Gaugler, Mountain View Hotel Worker: "It's kind of a good and bad thing. Like it's bringing a lot of business and money in the area, but then it's kind of overcrowding the spaces."

 Corina Cappabianca: Killdeer residents have seen not only an oil boom, but a population boom and local businesses are feeling the effects.


town-- JR's truckstop trys to keep up --with customers.

 Sarah Reiss, JR's Truckstop Worker: "Just ordering more food and stuff trying to find some help. Everybody wants 25 an hour."

The stop sees an employee shortage. Stacy Nelson works there to pass time.

Stacy Nelson: "My husband's a decentmechanicn and I come up here and basically to get out of the house i come work here. Cuz there's nothing to do in Killdeer."

The truck stop expects to see business pick up even more in the summer.

Corina Cappabianca. KX News.

Workers also say they've seen more men coming through the area than women.

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