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Dickinson softball undefeated and leading the West

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Bismarck, ND - Dickinson High School softball has went from 0 and 24 when the program started in 2009.
To undefeated this year at 11 and 0.
They sit at the top of the WDA at 8-0.
Jon Schaeffer has more on where so much of the Midget's success has come from this season.

(Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports) Dickinson high has made it to state 2 years running-- and they're trying to make it 3 in a row.

(Haley Butterfield-Senior Pitcher) "It's amazing how far we've gotten as a team and it's so special that I got to be a part of it from the very beginning until now and it's just so cool to go from basically nothing and now we're competing with the upper teams."

(Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports) Senior pitcher Haley Butterfield and sophomore Madison Jahner have been the key to the Midgets success-- giving up just 7 earned runs in 11 games this season.

(Bill Butterfield-Dickinson Head Coach) "It's something we've been working towards for a long time. Since they were very young and you know Maddie has worked hard at it and Haley has worked hard at it and it shows."

(Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports) Jahner has thrown 2 no hitters this season and has 43 strikeouts in 4 games pitched.
Butterfield is keeping pace with 37 K's in 6 games.

(Haley Butterfield-Senior Pitcher) "Me and Maddie we've always been really close. We've always played with each other like in all-star summer league and it's really good to have her with me because we're really good friends and like if I need something to work on she'll tell me and If I can't quite figure out something she'll be like oh maybe you should try this."

(Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports) Success comes from their strong relationship in the circle.

(Madison Jahner-Soph. Pitcher) "She's been awesome even when I was younger like 8th grade freshman year I would really get down on myself you know just as a younger player and she always just found a way you just like it happens."

(Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports) Jahner has learned a lot about the mental game from Butterfield.
Keeping her focused anytime she takes rubber-- even after a tough outing.

(Madison Jahner-Soph Pitcher) "You just you have to get up the next one just has to be better and if it was that bad it probably can't get that bad again."

(Jon Schaeffer-KX Sports) Jahner and Butterfield haven't had any bad outings this season--every time they step in the circle the dynamic duo gives the Midgets the chance to carry on the undefeated season.
For KX sports-- Jon Schaeffer.

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