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Neameyer makes Century soccer flip

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Bismarck, ND -     One Century girls soccer player is turning the average throw in upside down.
    Jon Schaeffer has more on the Patriot player who's adding a little flair to the pitch.

(Jon Schaeffer/KXsports) Century Sophomore Taryn Neameyer opening a lot of eyes these days for Century.
It's not just for her presence on the pitch-- but her acrobatics from the sidelines.

(Taryn Neameyer) "Somebody I think on my older brother's soccer team did it and I just really just wanted to do it and so I was in gymnastics. So I just went in my backyard and I started practicing."

(Nate Ulness/Century Head Coach) "I think she saw Brandon Eckroth do it back in the day and just kind of well I think I can do that too and low and behold she can really whip that ball into the box."

Neameyer says it only took her a few weeks to get it down-- and ever since she's been working on increasing the distance of every throw.
Now she can get it to the six yard box-- giving Century a scoring chance from both sides of the field.

"With the flip throw I just try to get the ball as close as I can to the net so we have a chance to boot it in and get an easy goal like that."

"Oh it's huge because we can throw more players into the box, we can't be offsides so we throw players into the goalkeeper and get a flick on and it all just breaks loose in there so we can get more of those shots off."

Not only does the distance of the throw play a factor-- the front hand spring continues to catch teams--  off guard

"They're usually pretty surprised or once they see it they'll all yell back up back up like they know it's coming."

Neameyer says it's a fun part of the game for her-- doing the flip throw-- but she's still got one goal when it comes to the high flying throw in.

"It'd be cool to get an assist off of one."

She's already caused an own goal off of one-- it's only a matter of time before a teammate scores off of her flip throw.
In Bismarck for KX Sports.. I'm Jon Schaeffer.

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