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Eye on Agriculture: Establishing New Roots

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In this week's Eye on Agriculture, we travel just west of Douglas were Finken Farms and Seeds is located.

The farmstead has been in the family for nearly 100 years.

Operations are slated to keep going strong with the addition of an new partner in the family business--but he had to leave the city life in order to do it.

That true for Chris Sobieck--whose roots trace back to Forest Lake, Minnesota

(Chris Sobieck, Douglas Farmer)"It's basically the outer edge of the twin cities. You could probably call it a suburb still. Not a lot of fields. Not a lot of farming there. So, I basically grew up a city kid."

But his passion for agriculture is North Dakota grown.

Sobieck's story is unique--he doesn't come from an agricultural background.

(Chris Sobieck, Douglas Farmer)"No farming whatsoever, except for the occasional driving the tractor around the floor when I'm five or six years old.'

In fact, it was a passion that sprouted much later in life when he was attending North Dakota State University where he obtained his degree in construction engineering.

It was there where he met his wife Holly who inspired him to cultivate a path toward farming.

(Holly Sobieck, Chris' Wife)"It was probably in 2009 he started helping out a little bit with Spring's work and Fall's work and he kind of just when from there."

(Chris Sobieck, Douglas Farmer)"It was basically trial by fire. The first thing Bob had me do ever was wash windows, which I couldn't screw that up so it just gradually got the ball rolling toward driving machinery"

Bob is Sobieck's father-in-law--their relationship that started as seasonal work grew into a farming partnership.

(Bob Finken, Douglas Farmer)"I don't now if words can quite explain it. It's worked out extremely well--especially with the timing of things."

(Chris Sobieck, Douglas Farmer) "Jumping in with cold feet, it was a little frightening just because I had never done it before and I had to fully commit to it not knowing what the future would hold. It was a little scary."

The route from their meeting point back to Douglas wasn't a clear path for the couple.

(Holly Sobieck, Chris' Wife)"At first I wasn't too sure about moving back to the farm--being back where I grew up and whatnot, but the last couple of years it's been--it was an easy adjustment for both of us...to come back and right now I wouldn't want it any other way.

Coming back meant learning lessons along the way.

(Chris Sobieck, Douglas Farmer)"If it needs to get done you do it. If you don't know how to do it you learn."

With the support of family, Sobieck is establishing new roots.

Near Douglas, Kelli Volk, KX News.

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