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Breaking down the sunscreen aisle

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Bismarck, ND -  Its that time of year when we love to be outside, and add a little color to our skin.
Doctors tell us to glob on that sunscreen this time of year--- But the sunscreen aisle can be a little overwhelming with sprays, creams and oils

(Tia Streeter:) We all love that healthy summer glow. But deciding which product and what number to slather on in an aisle like this can be confusing.

(Tia Streeter:) Do you know what SPF Number you should be wearing?

(Dale Elingson:) no, but however I have some leftovers of 30 from year ago

(Tia Streeter:) Kevin Chaussee, Nurse Practitioner at Mid Dakota Clinic says you should be using an SPF of 30 or greater.

(Kevin Chaussee:) when broken down into numbers an SPF of 15 will block out 93 percent of the suns rays, while an SPF of 30 will block out 97 percent when you get into the higher numbers like 50, that's 98 percent, no SPF would block out 100 percent of the suns rays

(Tia Streeter:) Chaussee says an entire shot glass worth of sunscreen will get the job done, for about 2 hours. Spray sunscreens have become all the rage, and Chaussee says they're effective---if used correctly.

(Kevin Chaussee:) you have to rub it in you see some mothers spraying in their children without rubbing it in and you're just not going to get an even distribution if you apply it that way

(Tia Streeter:) Chaussee says Ultra violet A and B rays are dangerous, so your bottle should say-Broad Spectrum protection.

(Kevin Chaussee:) there's a false sense of security when you're young healthy and your skin looks great and tan, and you have this thought that you aren't doing any damage but the damage often times comes later in life

(Tia Streeter:) Pete Otte who plays golf and pickle ball regularly is pretty good about wearing sunscreen, but as a former Pharmacist he may be an exception to the rule.

(Pete Otte:) I use it, I go to a dermatologist annually, I was concerned so I brought my sunscreen to my dermatologist, two year ago just to find out. He says its good.

(Tia Streeter:) Being outside is good, but tanning, not so much, For KX News, I'm Tia Streeter

If you're going to be out on the river, or in the water, apply sunscreen every 40 minutes.
When you're just out and about, every 2 hours to reapply is great.

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