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Tee to Green: Souris Valley Golf Course

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It's been 3 years since the flood hit Minot and surrounding communities. The flood took its toll on both of Minot's golf courses that are now both back open as 18 hole courses. Tonight we kick off a summer series of taking a look at golf courses in the region and what makes each one special. Derek Hackett has our first Tee to green spotlight at the Souris Valley Golf Course.

Steve Kottsick, Souris Valley Golf Pro:It's dancing but it's not very close.

Hackett:And near the center of this course in Minot is the hole that can decide how close you get. It's just a small par 3, the 8th hole.

Kottsick:It's about 170 yards and it's just a pretty golf hole and it's a fair golf hole, you hit a good shot, you can get a birdie or easily a par, if you get a bad shot you can get a big number. We've had people run out of golf balls on this hole.

Hackett:With water on 3 sides of the green the hazards are very obvious. The Mouse river bends around the hole and acts as a moat.

Kottsick:Water tends to put fear in the heart of golfers. Anyway there's water in front, waters in right and water in back so this is a pretty good golf hole.

Hackett:After the flood of 2011 they re-designed this intimidating hole. They eliminated the sand trap that was left of the green.

Kottsick:We eliminated that bunker we just figured the hole was tough enough with the water.

Hackett:And it is "sploosh".

Kottsick:Should I see if he wants to hit it again.

Hackett:At a glance, the 8th hole here at Souris seems mild and it can be.

Kottsick:You know if you just look at the green take the water out of the picture and focus on the green it's not a real tough hole but we do have some shorter tees here so it's easier to hit the green from the shorter tees.

Hackett:Breaching the liquid barricade on the par 3 is half the battle. Once you do that you'll be looking at a very manageable par assuming you can putt.

Kottsick:There's a lot of days that I've taken par on this hole and just walked off happy.

Hackett:In Minot, Derek Hackett, KX Sports.

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