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Getting Rebuilding Help Three Years After Flood

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After the 2011 flood, many people realized that we all get by with a little help from our friends, and even today some of those friends are still helping.

Bonnie Campo takes us to a Minot flood property that is in the process of being rebuilt by a group of religious volunteers and one local contractor.

As of 2013, Minot's Hope Village has not returned, but thick steel nails, wooden 2x4's and pounding sounds of hammers continue to echo in some neighborhoods around the Magic City.

(Bob Lower, Coordinator of Disaster Response) "Three years ago when the flood hit, the gentleman who is a senior here ya know was just overwhelmed by it. He had no family in the area. It wasn't until last year, when we found out that he was having some difficulties that we made contact with him, and began taking car of him. Honestly, without outside intervention, he would still be sitting in his living room wondering what he was going to do."

The response team helps those who signed up for the Resource Agencies Flood Team, better known as RAFT. While they are not taking any new applications, they continue to assist those who signed up in years past. Some of their clients are disabled veterans, lower income residents and many families.

(Bob Lower, Coordinator of Disaster Response) "I met with a client last night, a young couple, trying to keep their family going, both of them working, they just haven't been able to finish what has to be done, and so that's what we are about this year, trying to help them, and to the best of our abilities we are going to do that."

They have around 40 homes left on their list, and the man making sure everything is up to city code comes from Lynx Construction, and is doing so on a small stipend.

(Pete Stockwell, Owner Lynx Construction) "Minot's our home, and we want to do what we can to get people back in their homes, especially in the area's where decision haven't been made. As far as the buy-out, they are kind of in limbo status, and we want to do what we can, especially those who are stuck in the FEMA trailers."

Homeowners pay for the all the materials used, but through this group all of the labor comes free of charge, making recovery a reality. In Minot, Bonnie Campo, KX News.

Once this groups 40 homes are completed, the added total of rebuilt homes by religious groups, including hope village, will be more than 500.

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