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Tee to Green: The Vardon Golf Club

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The Vardon Golf club is back in full operation as an 18 hole golf course. The course was rebuilt after the flood of 2011 and is making a fast recovery. Derek Hackett has more in this week's Tee to Green.

Lee:The transformation that has taken place is truly remarkable.

Hackett:Since the 2011 flood, they've eliminated over 500 trees from the course and redesigned all of the bunkers but if you plan to hit par you have to escape hole 17.

Lee:Hit it on the green here and you've hit a good shot. It's a double tiered green and you can see we've got some water short and to the right. There is, I believe this would be the only par 3 that does not have a bunker around it.

Hackett:The lack of a beach on this waterfront property won't make this hole any easier to master.

Lee:So obviously anything you want to miss, you want to miss it on the left side but not on the right side and the wind is pushing it to the right so I think we're gonna aim this one a little bit left. Are you ready. We can play it anywhere from 100 to about 210 yards so it's quite a difference as far as the tee location so. Kept it left, kept it out of the water, should be alright. The best shot I hit all year here I think.

Hackett:Avoiding the drink is only the first test depending on the pin placement on the two tiered green, chipping can be troublesome but if you get close enough.

Lee:There we got it. The first two I've made all year.

Hackett:You can land a birdie.

Lee:It's a good hole. It can help your round or it can do some damage to it too.

Hackett:In the last 3 years hole 17 at the Vardon has transformed but the impact it can have on your day has not. In Minot, Derek Hackett KX Sports.


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