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Neighbors React to Shooting in Dickinson

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Many residents in Dickinson were on high alert Saturday while cops searched for the armed suspect in their neighborhood.

Although the search ended in gunfire, this is only the beginning for what many feel is a change in criminal activity in their town.

Macy Egeland travels to the neighborhood where the shooting happened and hears from local residents.

This normally very peaceful neighborhood was anything but that this weekend..

On Saturday night, multiple police units and a SWAT team filled the area.

"I was just kind of a weird situation to look out your window and see all of this happening," Tom Kennedy said.

"It was almost surreal because we live in such a quiet neighborhood that nothing like that ever happens so you're just kind of pinching yourself, 'is this really happening?' Especially when they're patrolling with weapons and you know it's serious," Rita Kennedy said.

Residents say they got a phone call from the police telling them to stay inside and lock their doors.

"A SWAT did check out all of the areas around here. They went through the back yards and they handled it as clean as could be," Scott Stockert said.

"It was kind of a scary moment or two there where you're kind of wondering what's going to happen," Rita Kennedy said.

They say after an hour or two, they got another call.

"They said everything was secure so we thought maybe he left or something and then just a little while later then we heard some guns shots and it was just like, woah, you know. That wasn't fire crackers," Tom Kennedy said.

The Kennedy's say they used to be very relaxed in their home and would often leaves doors unlocked.. but not anymore.

"We'll be more alert to things like this now I think and it's kind of a rude wakening-up but I guess it's life, things are going to happen now," Rita Kennedy said.

"Unfortunately it's a sad thing but you know there's a lot more activity as far as criminal activity in Dickinson and they've got to do their job," Scott Stockert said.

In Dickinson, Macy Egeland.. KX News.

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