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Inside the Infield: Life of the Officials

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 The smell of fuel, the horsepower, the speed, the excitement--- all of these aspects bring people to the Dakota Speedway every Friday night.
Ashley St. Louis tells us more about what really goes on down on the infield.

500 horse-power cars, coming within one inch of each other, and it's your job to control the track.

That is the responsibility of an official at the Dacotah Speedway in Mandan.
(Devin)"We make the calls, like, corner three four, if you know someone spins someone else out we make the call of whose fault it was and who gets charged the penalty."
The officials also need to be very attentive, whether they see debris flying or cars crashing, it's their responsibility to put up the yellow flag.
(Devin)"It's a lot like a yellow light, you just slow down be very cautious, because if someone spun out and you see the yellow flag, you don't know where they're at on the track and you don't want to hit them if there sitting there."
But, there is more to the job than just throwing up a yellow or red flag. Thinking on your feet is a must, when you see a crash in your corner.
(McDonald) "If you make sure no one is coming and you're the first on the scene and the closest you can get there before anybody,  you're supposed to go there and make sure nobody in the vehicle is hurt or nobody involved in the crash is hurt, or whatever the case may be."
Lenyce Simmons is a woman in a sea of men, when she is officiating on the track, but she isn't intimidated because she is the most qualified of them all.
(Simmons) "I've had some experience with emergency through firefighting, and my first thing is going up and checking on the driver, if the vehicle is on fire I will put the fire out, I need to know how to take their window net down, I need to know how to un-buckle their seatbelt, and we're really there for their safety."
Whether its controlling traffic or taking care of an injured driver--McDonald, Hanson, and Simmons say coming to the track every Friday night never seems like a job.

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