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Pets Being Poisoned in Elgin

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Pet owners in Elgin say their pets are being poisoned.

The Grant County Sheriff says the investigation is one of his top priorities right now.

(Begin Broadcast Script)

10-year-old Mattey and three-year-old Tallon are full of life again.

But two weeks ago they weren't so bouncy.

(Stephanie Lince/Elgin) "They cough like they're they have something stuck in their throat. And it just doesn't stop. They're not even vomiting, they're coughing up phlegm."

Mattey and Tallon are two of the now 10 dogs that have been poisoned in the town of Elgin.

One has died.

The local veterinarian's diagnosis ... rat poison.

(Sheriff Steve Bay/Grant County) "A couple people called us and said their dogs were sick and they had taken them to the local veterinarian and the symptoms were showing that it could possibly be rat or mouse bait poison."

(Lince) "At first is was just one or two sporadic people. We tried to think of who would have a common link. We've even looked up on the internet to see if it's a virus, or environmental. But nothing."

Stephanie Lince says she's not sure what's going on - only that the poison is finding the dogs - not the other way around.

She says some of the dogs that got sick never leave their kennels or yards.

(Lince) "It's not something the dogs are getting into, where they found a corner of a garage where someone had poison. This is something that has been fed to them we believe."

Sheriff Bay says the investigation is a top priority.

(Sheriff Bay) "We're getting a lot of calls on it. The vet is getting a lot of calls on it. It's a serious situation."

(Lince) "Now you're making more of an eye on things. Now you're walking the perimeter of your property to make sure there isn't funny substance that the kids could pick up or the dogs could pick up. It's just very odd."

Mattey and Tallon now have to take daily doses of Vitamin K to fight off the poison.

But her dog's improving health only offers Lince and her family so much relief - because so much is still unknown.

(Lince) "Everybody's scared because if the dog sniffles or not acting normal, or whatever. I'm sure it's been an overload at the vet clinic. Because everyone is just paranoid of losing their animals."

One Elgin resident says she's taking her dogs out to her farm.

She wants to get them out of town until this mystery is solved.

(End Broadcast Script)

Residents told us they first became suspicious when some stray cats in town disappeared.

Sheriff Bay says he and his deputies are looking for some common dominator to move the investigation forward.

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