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Wounded Warriors Headline Mc Quade Tournament

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Life without limbs is limitless, this is the slogan that the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team lives by.
Ashley St. Louis has more on their journey.

Prosthetic legs, metal hooks in place of a hands, arms completely missing, but you would never know once this team hits the diamond, they're even cracking jokes about what many might consider a disadvantage. 

The Wounded Warriors Softball team is made up of military men who have lost limbs post- 9/11.

Lonnie Gaudet talks about his experience, "We were doing a uh clearance of a village and I stepped on a landmine and lost my lower right leg."

Once they stepped on the team their main mission in life became to inspire others about strength and resiliency.

Saul Bosquez says, "We just like to show that just because you know we're disabled, not for just disabled vets but for people who are disabled in general that you know you can still go out and still play sports.You see us out there playing softball but a lot of us are out there doing different things you know stuff that we did before that you know we might have thought we wouldn't be able to do at first."

All of these men have been through similar life changing events, which is why they enjoy every weekend with their brothers.

 "And then you get with this team and you get this sense of comradery that you had when you were overseas you know you can't feel sorry for yourself because they're are guys on the team that have worse injuries than you and they have the same aches and ailments, so you can't complain," says Gaudet.

These guys were athletes before going overseas so it's only natural that they're excited to not only be playing in the exhibition game but they will be competing for a Mc Quades title.

Leonard Anderson says," I played a lot of ball beforehand so I love tournament ball, I love weekend play so for me it's awesome because I get to play in a tournament again, it's the first tournament I've been in since my injury. The reason here is to win period, so you can get back to that intense level of play the mind frame of we don't want to lose because we don't want to go home."

So far the team has proven themselves, beating the North Dakota military all- stars 10 to 4 in the exhibition game.
Their next challenge-- winning some hardware at the Mcquade tournament.

The wounded warriors will be playing all weekend long.
Numerous members of the teams say it's awesome that community like Bismarck and Mandan support such a large tournament.

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