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New E-Cigarette Store Opening in Mandan

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A new store specializing in e-cigarettes opens in Mandan tomorrow.

But there are concerns about the vaporizers.

"Tried anything, everything from the gum, the patch, chantix, nothing's worked for me," says Craig Russell, Owner, Borealis Vape.

Until he discovered the latest trend...

"Something like this has just worked really well for me," says Russell.

Craig is the owner of the new e-cigarette store, Borealis Vape on Main in Mandan.

With over 100 likes on Facebook in the first 48 hours of advertising his business, Craig says people are pretty excited about this type of product...

A product that he says is much safer than regular cigarettes.

"The only chemicals that are in e-juice are VG (vegetable glycerin), PG Propylenee Glycol), your flavoring, and your nicotine," says Russell.

Craig says that e-cigarettes contain four ingredients and emit four chemicals versus a traditional cigarette which he says contains 600 ingredients and emits 7,000 chemicals. 

So it may seem like the e-cigarette is the safer choice, however, they're not FDA approved.

"There's over 250 e-cigarette brands on the market and not a single one of them have been proven safe or effective as a cessation device to help people quit smoking," says Kristie Wolf, Program Manager, Tobacco Control & Advocacy.

Kristie Wolf says another big concern is that this new business might lead to more young people starting up smoking e-cigarettes.

"I see quite a bit of it at school. I try not to be around it too much. But I know it's kind of popular with the younger crowd."

"I feel like kids nowadays, they think it's a cool way to do stuff and they think it's less harmful but I feel like they'd end up smoking and using the real stuff anyway."

Although he has a business to promote, Craig says he will set the bar high...

For obeying the law.

"Any teenager could walk in here and purchase but me, as an owner, that's high risk so we have to card. We have to card these kids, we have to tell these kids hey, why are you smoking, get out there play football, basketball, there's other stuff to be doing than to be smoking," says Russell.

Wolf also says e-cigarettes are included in the North Dakota smoke free law, so anywhere traditional cigarettes are not allowed, neither are e-cigarettes.

If you're wanting to quit smoking, she urges you to try ND Quits.

For more information you can visit their website or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.


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