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Crop Damage from Rains

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Rainfall measured in inches has given way to sun and wind today in northern North Dakota.

Producers are getting a look now at what damage the weekend rain event has done to crops.

Perry Olson has more from Renville County.

 In the whipping winds of Tuesday -- it didn't take a big body of water to start producing some waves. Unfortunately north of Minot, there are plenty of new bodies of water for mother nature to agitate. Rainfall in Renville County ranged from four and a half to seven and a half inches over the weekend -- and that has buried crops.

(LoAyne Voight - Renville County Extension Agent) "There was quite a bit of drown out. It will depend on how quick the water recedes and goes down. Some crops can take some standing water but when you look at the broad leaf crops -- sunflowers and soybeans -- they don't tend to do as well when they are standing wet."

Unfortunately, dealing with water isn't something new for producers here -- it's a wet cycle that seems to date all the way back to 1999 according to one area producer...and Voight says mother nature seems to keep doubling down...

(LoAyne Voight - Renville County Extension Agent) "They say that the water draws more moisture and really does. We have seen that all the way across up here as you say Perry, it has been a number of years now that we have been battling.

Voight says getting a crop in is so important now for the bottom line -- and to get more moisture out of the soil...a growing field draws down moisture levels better than a year sitting empty. Concern now for these crops that are standing is pretty simple -- watching for disease, and treating it...

(LoAyne Voight - Renville County Extension Agent) "The winter wheat is just starting to head out now and that is in its critical stage for scab development. Of course it has to stop raining so before they can get out there and apply any fungicides."

(Perry Olson - KX News) "Voight's estimate is that 20 to 25 percent of the cropland in Renville County didn't receive a crop this year because of wet conditions during planting. Now producers have to worry about the crop they did get in with this latest shot of heavy rain. In Renville County, Perry Olson, KX News.


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