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Staying Safe in the Heat

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It's the hottest day of the summer so far and many people are outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

This afternoon we hit 94 degrees, but being out in those high temperatures can be dangerous.

People along the river and in the parks are outdoors enjoying the sun.

"I'm loving this weather. It's finally July and it's hot," says Kara Winkler.

"It's finally summer, which we really haven't had one yet, but it's cool enough. We came here with my two dogs the little dachshund and my golden retriever. I'm trying to get the little one use to the water," says Matia Solmonson.

But, coming into a warm summer after facing cooler temperatures means our bodies need time to adapt.

St. Alexius Doctor Sarah McCullough says some of the most common heat related illnesses this time of year include sunburns, heat exhaustion and heat cramps.

"Good ways to protect yourself from the heat of course are to stay inside. Avoid the direct sunlight. If you are going to go outside make sure you are drinking fluids. Drink cold fluids. Make sure you wear your sunscreen," says St. Alexius Doctor Sarah McCullough.

McCullough says when drinking fluids, it's good to have something with some electrolyte replacement.

She also says to make sure you're getting some sodium.

A good excuse to eat some chips.

She says everyone reacts to the heat in a different way.

"People at extremes of age they're more likely to suffer from the effects of the heat and then people on medications that decrease their ability to sweat are at higher risk for having heat related illnesses," says Doctor Sarah McCullough.

And, she says if you start feeling sick from the heat, "Make sure you seek shelter. Go indoors, get out of the heat, and drink cool."

And, take a break before heading back out.

McCullough says there are many over-the-counter medications and lotions you can use to relieve pain from sunburn.

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