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ND 2013 Crime Stats

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In 2013, overall crime in North Dakota has gone up by 5.5%.

While our state has had an increase in some violent crimes.. other serious offenses have gone down significantly.

Macy Egeland breaks down the statistics..

It's no secret that our increasing population has brought more crime to the area.

The most significant increase in the Attorney General's report was in drug-related crimes.

They are up 20% across the state.. with nearly 600 more drug arrests in 2013 than in 2012.. many of them involving meth.

Aggravated assaults are up 23% in oil country alone.

Burglaries increased 21% across the state, but more than doubled in the bakken with a 54% increase.

Ten years ago.. human trafficking was at 1% in all of North Dakota. Today prostitution is up 43%.

Most of that is due to sting operations.

"Our agents tell us sometimes it's like shooting fish in a barrel. All you have to do is go on backpage.com, advertise that you're 13 to 14 which our agents do and then just wait for the phone calls to come and arrange to meet and they do... and that is frightening," Stenehjem said.

Some good news though.. DUI citations are down significantly.

400 less arrests for drunk driving in 2013.. and that number continues to drop dramatically.

"We know we've got more people, driving more miles and more cops out on the road arresting people for driving under the influence, yet the numbers went down so that's why I consider that at least the beginning of what I hope will be a long term trend," Stenehjem said.

Violent crimes are only about 10% of all crime reported. The remaining 90% is property crimes.

"North Dakota will still continue it's status as one of the safest states in the nation even given the increase that we're seeing in issues here in North Dakota," Stenehjem said.

Reporting in Bismarck, I'm Macy Egeland.

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says police throughout the state say they need more personnel and housing for employees.

This year, Stenehjem says he will ask for around $20 million in police grants... compared to $16.6 million last year.

He also plans to hire at least 2 more agents to combat prostitution out west.

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