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Keeping Beef on the Grill

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 No meat sizzles more in the summer than beef. 
A recent study shows 69% of Americans make beef their number one choice on the grill, versus chicken with 25% and pork with 6% of the votes.
Ag Reporter Sarah Heinrich and Photographer Tom Palanuk do some ECONOMICAL grilling.

"We will just let those cook for a little bit."
While prices have been rising in the grocery store, those price spikes don't have to impact your checkbook.
You just have to know your cuts.
(Nancy Jo Bateman / ND Beef Commission) "Chuck eye steaks will probably be in the 1/2 price range of a rib eye when you compare them pound for pound. But the only thing that is different between a chuck eye steak and a rib-eye steak is one slice of the knife. The chuck eye steak come off the chuck portion of the carcass and the next piece that they start cutting is the rib-eye." 
Nancy Jo Bateman with the North Dakota Beef Commission, says you don't have to buy the New York Strips and Rib-eyes for a great eating experience.
Bateman says there are plenty of economical cuts with great taste.
Chuck eye steaks, bottom sirloins and tri tips are just a few.
She recommends giving the flat iron steak a try.
(Nancy Jo Bateman / ND Beef Commission) "You look at it and think that's not very thick, but as it cooks it will double in thickness it plumps up. It's the only steak we have of all of our beef cuts that it will be just as juicy well done as it will be at medium to medium rare."
(Sarah Heinrich / KX New) "Another affordable way to add more taste to your grill is through seasonings. Bateman says don't worry about finding that perfect recipe or exact seasoning. for just a few dollars you can buy a wide variety and experiment on your own." 
(Nancy Jo Bateman / ND Beef Commission) "You don't need a magic recipe for a rub or a seasoning blend. If you have one that's great. But, there are so many that are excellent at the grocery store." 
Bateman recommends always cooking your steaks at medium to medium low temperature.
(Nancy Jo Bateman / ND Beef Commission) "If you put your hand over the grate where the meat is going to be setting and can count to three before you have to pull your hand away, then you are getting close to medium. If you can hold it there a little longer it's probably a little bit cooler. Medium low." 
Bateman says use a meat thermometer to make sure the internal temperature is between 140-145 degrees. 

    Bateman says round steak is another good economical choice for the grill.
    She recommends using a marinade that will tenderize it. 
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