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NDSF Who's Who: KX Engineer Trent

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The North Dakota State Fair is only days away and set up activity is in full swing.

Continuing decades of tradition, KX News will be broadcasting live from the state fairgrounds starting with the parade on Saturday.

A live broadcast means there has been plenty of set up work for us too.

Jennifer Kleen introduces us to the team with all the connections in the first of our 'Who's Who at the Fair' series.

Our KX News crew is packing up for a bit of a summertime camping trip, trading the comforts of a fully-equipped studio for the adventure of a week broadcasting live from the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

For KX Engineer Trent Kinzell, that requires a lot of attention to detail; including a quick fix of a short in his microphone.

(Trent Kinzell, Reiten Television Engineer) "How's that? Can you hear me? Good."

Our KX engineers: Bob Berger, Trent Kinzell and John Reiten are running more than 2,000 feet of cable this week.

(Trent Kinzell, Reiten Television Engineer) "Not all of it is used at once, but during the course of the fair, every bit of it is used."

Kinzell says set up is only the beginning of fair-week teamwork.

(Trent Kinzell, Reiten Television Engineer) "Doing a live all week long, we do have to have two operators. We have to have one on site here to do the news switching at the fairgrounds here but we also have to have another operator at the station, they run video back there and they run commercials. It really has to be a joint effort."

KX News made the move to High Definition in 2010, which changed a few things for our engineers.

(Trent Kinzell, Reiten Television Engineer) "It made things a lot easier. A lot of times we can have embedded audio. Before video and audio were separate, you had to have special equipment to go long distances and a lot of times with the newer cables and HD, it does make things a lot easier in a lot of ways."

(Jennifer Kleen, jkleen@kxnet.com) "KX News has been live from the North Dakota State Fair for more than 30 years. It takes a lot of preparation before we power up."

(Trent Kinzell, Reiten Television Engineer) "There are some stresses that go with it but for the most part, its something new and exciting."

It may not be the great outdoors, but it is great big fun.

For Who's Who at the North Dakota State Fair, Jennifer Kleen, KX News.

The state fair parade starts at 9:15 on Saturday morning --- traveling Broadway and Burdick Expressway.

The live broadcast of the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. as the floats make their way into the fairgrounds --- it will be carried live on KX stations across western North Dakota.


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