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Eye on Agriculture: Watching Disease and Pests

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Plenty of moisture the last few years has led to some higher instances of disease and pests to deal with for producers in the region.

Today, at the NDSU Extension Center south of Minot, they were getting the latest information on what is being found out in the fields...and how to combat against them.

It was a part of the 70th annual Field Days.

Perry Olson has more in today's Eye on Agriculture.

 It was a time to learn Wednesday....

(Eric Eriksmoen - NDSU Research Agronomist) "We are looking at issues with bugs and diseases and weed control things."

...and so much more at Field Days. But with more moisture over the last decade...problems have been cropping up more in the field.

(Eric Eriksmoen - NDSU Research Agronomist) "We are more conscious of them being present and some of the effects that they have on our crops."

With that in mind, NDSU has been a great wealth of information for producers -- and much of what they are learning was discussed Wednesday.

(Venkataramana Chapara - NDSU Extension Specialist) "We have integrated pest management scouts all over our area and I scout the fields too. We alert the growers ahead that it is approaching us and the weather conditions are good for it so make sure to scout your fields and if needed go for a spray." (Eric Eriksmoen - NDSU Research Agronomist) "We are constantly developing pest monitoring models. A lot of these models are based on knowing the life cycles of these pests so once you get to know the life cycle you can predict when they are going to be a problem."

(Perry Olson - KX News) "Also a topic of discussion at Wednesday's Field Days south of Minot, soybeans. It is a crop that is showing great results lately and something that producers should take a hard look at if they have not already put it in their fields." (Eric Eriksmoen - NDSU Research Agronomist) "We have developed some genetics that do very well in this part of the state and the weather conditions that we have had here the last few years are very conducive to soybean production."

Eriksmoen says a later growing season paired with more moisture has helped soybeans in this part of the country -- and therefore been good for the farmer's bottom line. And that's what the extension center is all about, helping producers succeed. With your Eye on Agriculture, Perry Olson, KX News. 


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