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Bismarck Public School Administrators Want Your Input

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Bismarck Public Schools recently released a survey asking the community...

"What will students need to know and do when today's kindergarteners graduate in 2027?"

This year, on September 2nd, Kindergarteners will be the test subjects of something new.

"We want to know, what are the critical skills and knowledge pieces that the class of 2027 will need," says Tamara Uselman, Superintendent, BPS.

Here's how people in 2014 can help...

Share what you think students of the future need to know.

"It's important just to learn in school how to become a good student and how to keep learning and have a love of learning as much as it is to achieve high on any one or two tests," says Stuart Savelkoul.

"I think that they should teach us to be more responsible," says Sydney.

"Better life skills because yes they teach us like don't interrupt and like do stuff like that but there's going to be things that we need to know that we're not learning now in school," says Hannah.

Other responses received so far mention teaching students decision making skills, how to be safe, and communicate effectively.

"And then we get the one we always here and that is that kids should be able to count change back," says Uselman.

Financial literacy is something many agree needs to be taught early on.

"Right now I'm learning more about stocks and putting money away for 401K and I kind of wish things like that would be emphasized a lot more in high school or even younger," says Anne Polasky.

"We need to be teaching budgeting in schools. Like there was a lot of things I was pretty clueless about when I turned 18 and I really wish that people would better helped me out with that," says Skyler Husebye.

So what do YOU think?

What kind of critical thinking skills, creativity, and work ethic should be taught?

"Our toss out there of the question is saying tell us about the kind of work you want us to do because we are so ready to roll up our sleeves and get it done," says Uselman.

Survey Link:


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