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Wheel Chair Basketball Player Find His Love for Sports Again

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By Alicia Ewen

A young Bismarck man's dream was put on hold.

"If you would have talked to me 12 years ago when I got hurt, I never thought that I would ride in a car again or play basketball or go hand biking or ski down a mountain." said Dayton Farley.

Dayton has always been an athlete.  But a near fatal accident forced him to doubt his athletic potential.

"I was in a diving accident back in 2002 at Camel bottoms boat landing.  There was a rope swing up in a tree and I dove out into the river and I landed, hit the bottom.  A man came and saved my life and pulled me out of there, I was knocked out drowning in the water and he picked me up.  Then I spent three months in rehab learning how to live again." said Dayton.

Dayton thought that along with the use of his legs, his days of playing basketball were over.

But several years ago he got involved with Dreams in Motion a local organization that helps those who are physically or visually impaired stay active.

"What I did I came back and rediscovered how much I liked sports." says Dayton

Michael Kaip plays wheelchair basketball for University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.  He has experienced this same kind of transformation himself.

"I just remember the first time I jumped in a chair.  It was like a whole new world was opened up. My plans completely changed and I was like, I have to come here and play basketball." said Kaip.

Now he is a coach for a Dreams in Motion 3 day basketball camp.  He came to inspire people like Dayton find that same spark.

"It's just fun to watch them have success in this field that was so long off limits for them and so long you know not even thought about to now I can play basketball, its really cool." said Kaip.

Through careful instruction, these athletes are learning basketball skills they never thought were within their reach.  

But Dayton says the benefits extend beyond the court.

"It really makes me feel confident and I think it builds confidence with other people too if you can get out here and make a basket or do well in a sports activity," says Dayton.

Confidence that at one time he thought he had lost.

But now, this athlete's dream is on a roll.

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