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Brain Pills Sales Suggest Success Hungry Women Cheating their Way to the Top

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As women fill the top roles in the workplace, Brain Pill Reviews Deputy Editor Jane Wilshire suggests that the rise in females buying brain enhancing drugs may hold the secret to some of their success.

August 3, 2014

New York, NY, United States of America – August 3rd, 2014 /PressCable/

Brain enhancing pills are nothing new, or at least not to those who already use them – though exactly who still remains unclear. In a recent survey of 1,800 American college students by the BBC, 38% admitted taking brain enhancing drugs to boost academic performance. However, it was suggested that this percentage could be a lot higher. After all, having just scraped through a final exam thanks to a “brain steroid”, perhaps bragging about it might not be advisable.

It’s not just students taking advantage of a little cognitive rocket fuel though. From high flying execs looking to climb the corporate ladder, busy parents juggling hectic schedules, or simply Joe Average wanting to take control of the ever demanding needs put upon daily life, the last two years have seen a huge increase in the number of cognitive enhancing supplements sold online. Rumors around their use by “half of Wall Street” seem even more conclusive ever since Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent portrayal of Jordan Belford in the 2014 sensation Wolf of Wall Street had lifted the lid on the endless abuse of ADD and Alzheimer’s medications by performance-hungry execs to stay alert, increase focus, and optimize cognitive function. And it would seem that now, American entrepreneurs, especially the women, are flocking to reap the benefits promised to get ahead.

Hollywood first toyed with the subject of brain enhancement in Bradley Cooper’s Limitless, and last week the stakes were upped even further with the movie ‘Lucy’ hitting the silver screen. Dubbed Limitless 2, Lucy follows the story of a female protagonist – Scarlett Johansson – who discovers she has been implanted with a breakthrough brain enhancing drug that leaks into her system allowing her to use 100% of her brain. Mayhem prevails! While modern medicine is a long way from creating a supplement that will allow “access to the full 100% of our brains”, cognitive enhancement supplements such as award winning ‘Nitrovit’ by Neuro Laboratories are no longer the stuff of science fiction, and interestingly it is the women who seem to be making up the large majority of sales.

Nitrovit is the brain child of CEO and founder Archie Marks.

“It would seem that 54% of Nitrovit sales in Quarter 1 of 2014 were made by women. Perhaps women might just be in fact a little smarter than men. They simply aren’t talking about their secret weapon – neuro enhancers,” said Marks, a long term ADD sufferer and self-development nut. “When I took my own Nitrovit formulation to market I had no idea that women would make up the majority of our clients, as they simply weren’t visible in the community. Yet despite keeping quiet about it, it appears more and more entrepreneurial, success-minded females are turning to smart pills such as Nitrovit in their rise to the top.”

Jane Wilshire, Deputy Editor of online site Brain Pill confirms this by stating “Observing online nootropic forums, you will find that it is predominantly men fronting the discussions on brain performance and optimization, and yet sales figures tell a different story. Manufacturers are reporting more and more sales being made by us women, and I can confirm that the majority of inquiries we receive at our own site now come from females”.

What is clear is that America’s boardrooms are now less dominated by males, as an ever increasing amount of successful women take the lead roles and top salaries.

Brain Pills Reviews Deputy Editor Wilshire added, “While we are not suggesting anyone is getting ahead due to ‘doping’, America’s female elite know something that perhaps others don’t – and they aren’t talking about it. After all, a lady never tells.”

With 54% of Nitrovit sales going to the girls, the evidence is quite compelling. Whether or not women’s use of brain pills will be called “cheating” will ultimately depend on what constitutes as “cheating”. However, as of now, women are definitely researching and taking action on ways to get the mental edge in the workplace, performing beyond the average worker’s capacity, and forging forward towards greater dominance in what was just a decade ago known as ‘a man’s world’. With the White House potentially looking at its first female president, and across the pond British Prime Minister David Cameron replacing his male dominant cabinet with females last week, the women are definitely charging their way to the top – and rapidly.

For more information regarding nootropics and modern brain enhancement, check out Nitrovit – recipient of 7 Editor’s Choice Awards and 5 Reader’s Choice Awards.

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