After the Whistle: A house divided in the Wilton-Wing versus Washburn rivalry

After The Whistle

Just 15 miles separates Wilton from Washburn. In some sports the two schools even co-op, but on the softball diamond the meeting of rivals starts at home.

Washburn vs Wilton-Wing. It’s a rivalry that is older than the athletes facing off today, and even older than the coaches. A duo who is more than familiar with the rivalry, and each other

“You know I had to explain that to somebody at a tournament a couple weekends ago and they’re just like, “What?” Washburn softball coach Katie Yetterboe explained. “They get really confused as like how did that happen, but they think it’s pretty funny.”

Katie Yetterboe is the head coach of Washburn. Twice a year she coaches against Trevor Yetterboe the head coach of Wilton-Wing, and her husband of three years.

Katie: “On a normal day we’re each others probably biggest fans, for sure. Today, he says we’re playing for laundry and dishes for a week. We’ll see about that.”

“With four kids in the house and as busy as everybody is, that’s a huge chunk of time it takes,” Wilton-Wing softball coach Trevor Yetterboe said. “If I can get out of that for a week I’m a happy man.”

Katie and Trevor met on the softball diamond. Each one already coaching for their respective teams. A competitive relationship from day one.

“When I would go take a shower I would bring my coaches bag with me and I would sleep under the bed with it,” Katie said. “I’d be really really secretive.”

But as the years have gone on things have changed. Discussions about the diamond now center around each others strengths, never weaknesses.

“As soon as I’m on the way home from games we’re texting talking about softball and the games,” Trevor said. “When we get home then, or the next couple of days, we change scouting reports, so that’s great. That’s super helpful.”

But this year there’s an added twist to the rivalry. Washburn’s eighth grade pitcher Kya Kulzer. Katie’s daughter, and Trevor’s step daughter.

“I get more nervous I think watching my step daughter play and watching her pitch,” Trevor explained. “I get more nervous and I think a little worked up watching that.”

Trevor may be the only Miner in the house, but with postseason approaching he doesn’t expect much talk from the rival team.

“Tournament time it gets pretty tense around the house,” Trevor said. “We don’t talk softball. Usually we like to throw a lot of ideas off each other and we talk about softball, but tournament time there’s no softball talk.”

“How many times have you guys played against each other?” Luke Gamble asked. “Do you keep a tally? Do you keep a whiteboard tally?”

“I kind of have it in my head. I think I’m right,” Trevor said. “I think we’re like 7-2, 7-3 with us in the lead, but she’ll tell you a different one I’m sure.”

“Oh no!” Katie replied. “We beat them three times two years ago, so I would say we’re probably 6-4 or 6-5, so he’s way off. He’s way off like usual.”

Wilton-Wing defeated Washburn 22-3 on Tuesday. The two teams will meet again this Thursday for the regular season finale.

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