After the Whistle: Meet Williston native and Tetons newest assistant volleyball coach

After The Whistle

Growing up in a sports family it was no surprise when Alycia McGlothlin decided to play volleyball. From Kid leagues to even playing her Freshman year at Williston State College, she was always on the court.

“I just grew up trying everything. Whatever was available to me my parents were like go ahead and try it see what you like ended up loving it,” McGlothlin said.

After her Freshman year of college McGlothlin decided to change her career path and enter cosmetology school.

“I was always like the girl on the bus that did everybody’s hair and stuff for games so it’s always something I’ve kind of enjoyed,” McGlothlin said. “And in high school, I always told everybody I don’t need to take that class I’m going to hair school, I don’t need that I’m going to hair school and then I went to real school and was like oh maybe I did need that.”

Even with going to Cosmetology school McGlothlin never really left the court.

“After Cosmetology school I got right back into it in league volleyball through the Arc,” McGlothlin said. “Did some head coaching for the middle school program and then backed off for a little bit got my business running and now here I am back on the court.”

Along with becoming the assistant coach at Williston State College, McGlothlin also opened up a business in the town she calls home. She currently rents and runs her own booth at Sass Salon as a hairstylist.

“I just work for myself and make my own hours which is the best part about being able to coach. I can work and still do this and work around it and be able to be at both places any time I need to,” McGlothlin said.

McGlothlin said adjusting to the schedule of being a coach and business owner was a challenge at the beginning But she said she is so excited to return home to the community she grew up in.

“Coming back here got a good cliental base started up because I had a lot of people that I grew up with or family or whatever so I just started off with that and then word of mouth spreads,” McGlothlin said. “So then coming back and being a coach a lot of people remember watching me play or remember me from high school.”

It’s been six years since McGlothlin was a full-time athlete. At first, she said it was a challenge getting used to the schedule she wouldn’t change it for anything.

She said she wants to be the kind of coach players feel comfortable talking to whether it’s about the game or something personal.

“I think I would really like to be someone that can help the girls grow, not necessarily just in volleyball,” McGlothlin said. “There’s a lot of girls that you can tell if they are having a rough day or if they are just feeling off or if they are in their head you can pull them to the side and say hey what’s up let’s talk about it. I want to be that person, I want to be the coach where they can be like coach I’m off today I don’t know what it is.”

McGlothlin said working with head coach Chelsea Hinck has been amazing and their dynamic is helping the players grow this season.

“I was a front-row player, I played outside, so offense is kind of my thing where she was a back-row defense player, so we balance each other out as far as that goes we can kind of split off and know they’re taken care of and we are going to come back stronger,” McGlothlin said.

McGlothlin said she has come up with individual goals for each player to help them improve throughout the season.

Williston State College will travel to Dawson Community College on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

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