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Dave Holder has been immersed in weather since he can first remember. One of his earliest memories was the infamous “Great Storm of 1987” that battered England, where he was living at the time. Initially terrified of thunderstorms as a child, his angst later turned to fascination, with a desire to learn more about them. In addition to thunderstorms, snow storms became one of his favorite weather phenomena. One such storm that stands out in his memory is the “Storm of the Century” that hit the east coast in 1993. 

Dave ended up at the University of Oklahoma studying meteorology, and in the process chased some of the fiercest weather in the world, from the Mexican border to the Canadian Prairie. While doing so, he made a few appearances on the Discovery Channel show “Storm Chasers”.

Turning to the field of broadcast meteorology, he began his career in Quincy, Illinois at KHQA before spending a few years in Eugene, Oregon at KEZI.

Incredibly excited to be back in North Dakota after spending time here chasing in the past, Dave plans to use his severe thunderstorm and winter weather forecasting skills to bring accurate forecasts, along with his special brand of weather nerdiness, to the viewers.

In addition to weather, Dave’s other hobbies include traveling, history, geology, poker, genealogy, photography, and Philadelphia Eagles and Oklahoma Sooners football.

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