Michael Cartwright

Michael Cartwright has “come home” to North Dakota after 20 years of life based in Long Beach, California. Although he has never lived in North Dakota, the allure of being close to his family and a simpler way won his heart. He moved here in 2019.

“North Dakota could not be more opposite than life that I lived in Southern California.  Fortunately, I’m finding the contrast to be refreshing and opportunistic.”

Cartwright is a career musician. Beginning as a trumpet player in his youth, he joined The Young Americans (YA’s) performing arts organization when he was 18, and moved on his own from New Mexico to California. He spent four years traveling with the YA’s, performing and promoting the joy of music in schools and theaters all around the globe.

Cartwright holds a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Southern California Thorton School of Music (2007), and in the years since, has made a name for himself as a successful entertainer, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist. Today he continues to travel and perform as the leader of Project M, a variety dance band under the management of Elan Artists.

Now a member of the KX Family, Cartwright is excited and ambitious to be the co-host for Studio 701.

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