Tip Number 1: Alternative Eraser

Do you always run out of the eraser on your pencils? Next time try wrapping a rubber band around it. As you can see it worked just as well as a normal eraser.

Tip Number 2: Getting Rid of Old Highlighter Marks

This might be more helpful for college students. Sometimes a used textbook may have quite a bit highlighted, making it distracting to focus on.

Well, guess what? you can get rid of it all just by using lemon juice. Either squeeze a lemon or get some already made lemon juice and a q tip. Gently start rubbing it on the area and— boom shakka laka boom it’s gone.

Tip Number 3: Easy TO-GO Omelette Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s important to get as much protein as you can to fuel up for the rest of your day.

Get a zip lock bag and then fill it with eggs and any other ingredient you like and then just shake it up

Afterwards, put the bag in boiling water— I suggest double bagging it depending on how durable your plastic bag is— leave it in the water for 12 min. Give or take some time by how you like your omelette.

Once it’s done, take it out but don’t burn yourself like I did. And then let it cool down.
You can either leave it in the bag or put it on a plate. I would have left it in the bag myself for an easy clean up and since I’m always on the go– but I needed to show you how beautiful this omelette came out.

Tip Number 4: No Staples, No Problem

Do you have a bunch of papers that are going everywhere and have no paperclips or a stapler?
Simply insert a small incision into your stack of papers in the top corner and wrap the edges in the slit.

While it won’t hold up as strong as it being stapled, you won’t have to worry about coming undone.

Tip Number 5: Creating Your Own Space at Home

This one is perfect if you decide to stay at home or have to stay at home for school during the pandemic.

Simply buy a cheap tri-fold poster. You can find them for under $4 at Walmart.
Then set it up in your work place which would give you more privacy and is especially helpful if you have multiple kids trying to get their school work done at home.

The best part about it is you can decorate it however you want and it’s fun for all ages.

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