A warm welcome is a way to set the tone for an exciting school year.

That’s why a red carpet roll out became a tradition at Sunnyside Elementary School.

“The first day of school can be really scary for kids who are new to our school and even for kids who are returning to our school,” said Sara Medalen, a title I teacher at Sunnyside. “We just want to make them feel welcome, cared about, and safe. We lay out the red carpet so that they can feel like they are a star at Sunnyside Elementary School, and we just want them to know that we’re here to help them make their dreams come true. “

Staff will arrive early so that every student – even those who get here as early as 7 am for CLC – will feel special and welcome as they embark on the school year.

Special Education teacher, Shannon Routledge said it started as a simple idea to make students feel comfortable, safe, and excited.

“We can’t get anywhere with learning or move forward in certain areas in school until we feel safe,” she said. “We have to meet that basic need where they feel safe, they feel comfortable, they have relationships with our staff and once we have all that then we can go really far with the kids.”

Students will get a chance to dance down the red carpet and snap a photo for the paparazzi.

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