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National Military Nonprofit Honors Female Veterans for Military Family Month in November

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Tanya L. and Fiance, Matthew

Tanya Lanas and her Fiance Matthew. Image Credit: DigitalMystPhotography

Yellow Ribbon Fund Highlights Military Family Who Shatters Stereotypes

BETHESDA, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In recognition of Military Family Month in November, Yellow Ribbon Fund is honoring military families with a special focus on female veterans. The national veteran support organization is shedding light on the thousands of military families that include female wounded, ill or injured veterans who are often overlooked.

When people think of a wounded veteran, the image that often comes to mind is a male in uniform with an obvious physical injury. While many service members are battling physical wounds, there are other service members don't fit into the stereotypical view of a wounded veteran.

"Military Family Month challenges us to consider those in our country who often don't seem to fit the 'traditional mold' of a military family headed by a man with physical injuries," said Gina Harrow, executive director of Yellow Ribbon Fund. "Wounds and injuries don't belong to any one person or demographic. This month we honor those who joined to serve and who must continue to fight every day."

Breaking the Mold - Tanya's Story
Tanya Lanas joined the Marine Corps in 2006. After experiencing traumatic events from abuse and combat, she retired from service in 2015 and received a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Tanya, a single mother of three, struggled daily with substance abuse, suicidal ideation and severe anxiety; anxiety so paralyzing she could not leave her home. Tanya recognized that she needed help. Through therapy and medication, she developed coping skills that help her to this day. After returning to school in 2017, Tanya reconnected with a man she knew from her high school – Matthew. An active-duty service member and Tanya’s fiancé, Matthew understands the unique challenges Tanya faces daily. Tanya and Matthew want the world to know that being a wounded veteran and a caregiver is not a one-size-fits-all.

"Every military family is different," says Matthew. "It is not always the stereotypical male veteran and female non-military caregiver. Yet, despite our challenges, we are like any other American family. We have children and are involved in the same things that other non-military and non-veteran families are involved in."

Tanya and Matthew break the classic stereotype of what a wounded veteran family looks like. Tanya wants the world to know that being a veteran or service member does not define a person for the rest of their lives. She encourages the community to get to know and embrace the people around them. and encourages other wounded veterans to not let every moment of their lives be colored by their injury or wound. As she says, “Ask for help, recognize your triggers and live your life.”

Each military family faces different challenges. Yellow Ribbon Fund steps in to help these families face the hurdles of their unique journeys. The United States Military provides exceptional care for service members, but family needs are often not met in the event of an injury, illness or wound. Through the Crossroads and Keystone programs, Yellow Ribbon Fund fills in the gaps in care and keeps families together during critical recuperation phases and when the family is back home transitioning to a new everyday life.

To learn more about how Yellow Ribbon Fund supports wounded veterans, military families and caregivers, visit yellowribbonfund.org. The veteran support organization proudly claims that 80% of all donations go directly to help these groups who need it most. To make a tax-deductible donation benefitting the veteran support organization, go to the donation page or email donate@yellowribbonfund.org. In addition, Yellow Ribbon Fund offers multiple resources that can be found at yellowribbonfund.org/resources. If you are in immediate crisis, call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255.

About Yellow Ribbon Fund:
Yellow Ribbon Fund is a national nonprofit veteran service organization dedicated to serving severely ill and injured post-9/11 wounded service members and their families from every branch of the United States military following unexpected medical crises. With the help of donors, Yellow Ribbon Fund's Crossroads and Keystone programs enable them to have a significant impact on helping service members and their families navigate their life-long recovery journey. The Crossroads Program provides families with hotel stays for acute stays at Walter Reed National Medical Center. Fully furnished apartments local to the hospital for long-term stays and car rentals for families to have full access to transportation without restriction. The Keystone Program steps in and takes care of the family unit that experiences the long-term effects of injury and recovery. The Yellow Ribbon Fund's top priority is to keep families together during the recovery process. They accomplish this by providing housing and transportation along with caregiver support when and where it's needed. For more information on the Yellow Ribbon Fund, go to YellowRibbonFund.org or call 240-223-1180 or email at email@YellowRibbonFund.org.

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