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Axzon Expands Magnus® Family with a New Integrated Circuit, bringing new Intelligence to End Points

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, June 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Axzon, the world leader in the field of passive sensing using RAIN RFID technology, brings new intelligence to all End Points with its latest Integrated Circuit (IC).

Magnus-3LED is a Locator RFID Transponder IC with the added capability of lighting an LED in response to an RF command locating any object or a group of objects associated with it.

“We stay committed to bringing unprecedented intelligence to all End Points and find new innovative ways to serve “The New Economy”. Magnus-3LED IC is a great complement to our legacy Magnus® product line and is designed to add new capabilities in applications where visually identifying and singulating assets is of great importance. Consider Server Market, an exponentially growing industry, where our Magnus-3LED indicator is used to visually singulate and identify hard to identify objects in server rooms, such as cables, servers, and busbars. Equally important are the growing markets of Transportation and Hospitality as they can benefit from the same visual indicator feature to identify luggage and high valued assets.” Said Shahriar Rokhsaz, the CEO of Axzon Inc.

About Axzon
Based in Austin, Texas, Axzon’s (formerly RFMicron, Inc.) sensors are used to wirelessly monitor temperatures and moisture levels without the need for external power making them ideal solutions in multiple applications. These RFID battery-free wireless sensors generate highly valuable data. Axzon's encryption technology protects users' data by guaranteeing secure communication between Axzon sensors and authenticated readers while ensuring the integrity of the data.

Since its founding in 2006, Axzon has led the expansion of sensing capabilities to meet the unique, large-scale demands of businesses whose success depends on knowing more about their operating conditions. These industries include automotive manufacturing, healthcare, predictive maintenance, switchgear, cold-chain, data centers, transportation and hospitality. Axzon's solutions include wireless Smart Passive Sensors™, and other patented and patent-pending industrial IoT solutions.

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