Special Agent Joe Arenz testifies about shoeprints found at scene

Chad Isaak Trial

The third day of the Chad Isaak trial started this morning with much of the focus on the processing of evidence at the crime scene.

The state called Bureau of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Joe Arenz to the stand. He outlined what he observed when he arrive on scene to RJR Maintenance and Management the morning of April 1, 2019.

Arenz says when he got there that morning, he noticed one of the company pickups was not parked at RJR, but at a business down the street, which he noted as atypical.

He says once the search warrant was approved, he walked through the scene with protective footwear and gloves, then began collecting evidence and logging each item in line with standard procedure.

Some of those items, including a hat William Cobb was wearing with a bullet hole in it, the blood-covered glasses of Lois Cobb and a bullet at the scene, were shown to the jury.

“To my knowledge, any agent that was ever going to be coming into contact with evidence would’ve always been wearing gloves. They may have taken their gloves off at a certain point in the scene, but they were standing back, they were not collecting evidence,” Arenz said.

Arenz also explained the severity of the injuries found on Lois Cobb — including a bullet wound, multiple stabs, and deep cuts on both sides of her neck.

He says there were stabs on both the front and back of her body, and that she was found half in the bathroom and half out, which could indicate more than one attack on Lois.

Arenz also described bloody shoeprints found at the scene, saying to the best of his knowledge, they weren’t left by boots worn by first responders or law enforcement.

“It looked different to me than the other shoe impressions in that area,” Arenz said.

Did it look different to you, based on your visual review, than a duty boot? Prosecuting Attorney Karlei Neufeld asked.

“It did not look like a duty boot I had ever seen, in my experience,” Arenz said.

Arenz says signs of struggle were also noted throughout the building, including spilled coffee, a fire extinguisher on the ground, and a chair tipped over. He also mentioned a wire saw found at the scene believed to have been left by the suspect.

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